Friday, August 15, 2014

A Clockwork Orange-ish Kind of Day

No. If you're reading this (I am quite sure no one would) while looking for some sort of clue about the novel, then, I should tell you to go get your copy and read it because it's a good read. Suck it up and go read.

Okay now, it is not a violent day and I can't ever imagine myself in any circumstances (okay, maybe if the spirit of an evil dead man possessed me) do anything that Alex would do; except for listening to Beethoven.

It's a dull day. Looks like it is going to rain, and yes, I'm reading -rather trying to read- A Clockwork Orange. I feel like I should be doing something important but instead I'm typing this. Just so I could fill the emptiness I feel. Isn't it shitty?