Friday, November 13, 2009

it's about time

i won't write in capital letters. they look selfish. like saying i'm important, notice me. you must see me. so i won't write in capital letters. i won't write in paragraphs eeither. they waste the spac3. i won't correct my typo error. because i want to see mu mistakes and learn from them. if there's anything i ever regert it is not kissing you when i feel like it. because now, it has become the farthest, it is a place i could never arrive at again. it scares me that it will happen again. that i will lose someone else the way i lose you. not even having the chance to say goodbye. the hollow in me just gets deeper. its just scary to think that this will happen again and again. i wante to resolve to never loving anyone anymore. but i have no control of my heart. no control of what will happen. should i just lock the door and stay inside forever/. just look out the window and see the rain, the sun and the rainbow. and maybe juast maybe. watch you passing by with that nonchalant look on ypur face.


  1. Coraline
    DO you?

    Well, that and maybe afraid of getting hurt. Thus afraid of falling in love, maybe afraid to admit that you are in love.

  2. i could see ur typo error. heh~

    yeah. i want to do the same to. make mistakes n being better one another day.

    ah sape yg skrang ni tak nak jaga kita betul2 xnak deal ngn salah kita n lose us mknanya dia dah kehilangan org yang terbaik nanti =p

  3. Bijan
    Wah! Strategi terbaek!!!

  4. what does it means?;

    e, y, e/r, /, a .

    or am I being too sensitive? :)

  5. Oh. Those. No you're not being too sensitive.

    those are typo errors dummy!


  6. usually, typo errors were used to give some hint in certain cases.

    in your case, i think it`s just for fun. haha.

  7. maybe;
    just maybe.

    still afraid to admit.

  8. Rafiq
    haha~ memang ada mesej, cuma bukan disebalik huruf2, tapi disebalik typo error itu sendiri. :)

    Maybe... Haha!

  9. itu la yg aku cuba sampaikan.ada msg di sebalik typo error.tapi apa dia?
    sori beb kau buzz aku salah timing aku tgh busy gila kelas bangun tido pun pukul 3-4 petang hahahaha

  10. Rafiq tak peduli aku T.T



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