Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am

Drifting along with the wind.

(Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.

i am with the wind.

small and insignificant.

with random temperament.

Never faithful.

Maverick is the name of my soul.

i am falling. falling into a hollow in my chest.


Never faithful to You.

And still, I'm saved.

by you.

small. insignificant.)

But still loved.

by you.


  1. oh. hai luna.

    ok. jika aku insan yg kau tujukan mmg aku akan cair. aku siriyes ok

  2. Elena, thank you :)

    Bijan, sebenarnya, aku cakap tentang macam mana kita selalu lupakan Tuhan, tapi Dia tetap sayang kita..


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