Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The straight lines are distorted at the end of the road.

It used to be so easy. Everything was simple. When you were small, you can practically parasites your parents. Yes, I'm using a noun as a verb. And they don't care. As you get older, issues rose. You can't bullshit this, you can't fuck that.

I'm sitting very still, just in case there is a glimpse of divinity is being revealed to me. It seems that everything however easy it seemed clots towards the end. What I'm trying to say is, my kid self won't waste a single minute sitting still just to be convinced that there's something behind everything. And everything was easier back then. Why did I wish my future to be complicated? (Yeah, I did because being a kid is boring.)

Innocence. That's the word. The essence of peace. We'll have our imaginary friend who wouldn't lay a finger to hurt us.

I'm not being coherent.

Let me number these then.

1. Being an adult is a pain, mostly.

2. Nothing is a piece of cake. Even a piece of cake.

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