Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Song for a Dead Princess

I'm singing to you in the blackest of night.

I'm singing to you when it doesn't feel right.

The ballroom, the dress, your perfume, your tresses.
Everything was still alive in my dreams. Today, the day before, the day before, the day before, tracing back to that moment when I first saw you.

When you first said "Hi."
When all I could see is your voice.
When I couldn't see you.
When we were dancing through the night.

That moment when I was still your princess.


  1. baca ni buat saya rasa sedih.

  2. I'm, sorry. Hope it's not too bad.

  3. it feels like you're writing things i have in mind. not only this one. but most of your writings, i supposed.

  4. sadness, :) we human aren't original. we are recycled thoughts, from recycled people :)


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