Thursday, November 3, 2011


Do you see that woman? That woman sitting by the undone bed rocking herself with her legs closed together to her chest? Do you see that she is actually crying behind all those powder she put on? Do you hear her humming to that childhood lullaby?
There are so many things left unsaid between everybody and her. And she doesn’t think anybody knows what the truth is anymore. She would smile everyday while in the inside, everything she holds so dear trembles, threatening to fall and break. Everything that she made dear to her since those are all she will ever have. And everybody will smile back. She will believe that everything is fine. And her everybody will believe that she is okay.
You see, she had this secret place that she locked away and dumped in the sea. It’s been sometimes; a year or so. I guess the lock got rusty and broke. Because now, that place has found her once more; that place that got her running her entire life. She now knows she was very wrong to assume she had finally found solace. To assume that it was okay to trust.
Inside that pretty little head of hers, right now, actually she’s thinking if it was her all this time. If it was her that brought this upon herself. That’s why she is rocking herself like that.
And now, she is starting to think where will that place be if she takes her own life.

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