Saturday, June 20, 2009

The death of love

Rest in peace..

Don't ever get reincarnated.

This world is too full with pain and misery for you.

You found eternity..

So, yes, you rest in peace.


  1. Senangnya jika semudah ini nak kuburkan love.

  2. rest in peace means better for sleeping rite. just ask ur heat to sleep not to death. u'll turn out being the better person who can choose a better man soon.

  3. reverie
    tak.. tak senang...

    the animated bijan
    nah.. not sleeping at all...

  4. nice one. but, it's a shame if we have to bury love.

  5. mimpiyangsempurna
    sangat. i hope. i will never face this situation.

    but then, is it better to fall out of love than to ever fall i love?

  6. they say don't fall in love but rise in love :)

  7. they say don't fall in love but rise in love :)

  8. is he dead?

    (sorry 4 asking stupid question, i really dun like 2 things during my study which are literature and grammar)

    - would you care to help?

    my translation 4 ur post.

    please die,
    dont come back,
    i dont want to see you,
    please be away,
    i know u are more happier there

  9. u may interpret this as you like. it does not matter. but, if u want to have a peek at my insight:

    i'm not addressing love as in love between man and woman, nor i'm addressing a man i loved. i'm addressing love in general. (or maybe, i'm not talking bout love at all.)

    the thing is, something is better off gone to a better place. yes. you got that part right.

  10. wow..

    i've never met with such a complicated explanation. maybe thats y i failed my literature test.

    hoho. So its not about luv at all..

    congrats.. i think u r the nxt shakespeare..


    write some more la.. i like to make wild guesses.. heh

  11. nah~ not shakespeare at all.

    i'm a montague..


    sorry, tis my twisted sense of humor..


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