Friday, June 12, 2009

Hate as much as you may.
Talk bad about me.
Envy me.

You are the only one who care.

But then, maybe it's ok.

Because I don't give a ***n


  1. It seems like you have a grudge towards someone?

    *recently entri pendek2 je. and emo-ish.

  2. It's a two-sided thing, I might say?

    Not, I don't want to believe that I care and the fact is, I don't go talking about me-and-him-thing with my friends.

    It was not me who went around saying I can't get over him.

    It was not me who went around saying I was the one to be blame.

    *I tend to pick up other's emotion like a sponge. My post won't be necessarily about me. But I'll give it to you; this one is mine.

  3. ok ok ok. Maybe sharing it with someone who doesn't know you. Can help ligthen up the burden. Aite?
    Btw, i'm all ears.

  4. Aisy! Mr Charming, thank you. But I'm good. Thanks.


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