Sunday, October 11, 2009

Listen. Listen to me.

You're holding something yours.
It's worn out.
Your other hand is brushing along new things at a store.
Be it silk, or linen or cotton or denim.
Yes, they sure felt good on your touch.

But you can only hold something with one hand.
Don't let go of the thing you have just because the silk felt better.


  1. bak kata peribahasa~ yg dikejar xdapat yg dikendong berciciran.

    yes. silk is too soft even slip away without u realize it. tell him that.. errr.. or her =D

  2. sorry..
    aku pandai komen jew tau..
    sowi bebanyak...
    english lg..
    sakit mata ngan otak aku ni..

  3. Bijan
    It's him. Tapi I'm not sure pun. I think he's letting go of something he really loves. I don't want him to regret it later. :)

    Malikul Kundang
    Haha~ Sorry, ti orang post in BM.. ;p

  4. ah yes. si pelakon drama tidak penah sedar. kita si penonton sentiasa mahukan terbaik utk dia. tp still drama is drama. huhu~


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