Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loving You

It is a lie
when I woke up in my hectic mornings with my head filled with your words
when I dream of you in my sleepless nights
when I said I would miss you when we are apart

The truth is, I want you to be the one who go through this.


  1. ever heard this? u were given the opposite when u ask for something.

    believe me. its better =)

  2. I think I've heard of something like that.

    I'll take my chances.

    Thanks mate :)

  3. sedang merasai perkara yang sama...
    rindu itu, penat kan? :|

  4. we always wanted things to go our way.
    but heyy, every cloud has its silver lining, remember?

    u'll find ur bliss, someday, babe.

  5. Cooleustary, ya... penat. Ada orang kata "Merinduimu bagaikan kantuk yang ditahan-tahan... blablabla" Haha! Apayang dia cakap tu romantik. Aku tak ingat apa exact words.

    tissue-talk, thanks.

  6. kena cari ni luna, macam menarik je :p

  7. Cooleustary, "Merinduimu bagaikan kantuk yang ditahan-tahan, merenjat segala urat dan saraf, buat aku lesu sepanjang hari." Lebih kurang la.. Cari kat


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