Sunday, February 7, 2010

Note to the other me

I miss you and your thoughts.

I miss being you.

And most importantly, I miss being free.

Sometimes, we just went lost.


  1. love the idea of writing 'to the other me'.. sweet!

  2. i miss the old me.can?

    because it's so hard to let go of the memory.yet,knowing your existence (the other me) would transform me into being a new person- a better one to be exact.

    i wonder; and still.

    entah apa2.aku sedang berkecamuk.maaf serabutkan kamu di sini.

  3. Exactly what I feel. It's just at the moment, I was acting like a stupid person. And she's so not me.

    It's ok pencubit. :) Not a problem. Not at all.


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