Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Visit

Hello there. How are you? Good? Glad to know. So, what brings you here?

Yes, why don't you sit while I get you a cup of tea.

Let me find my limbs first.



-i'm broken.

-Of course you know i am.

Oh, here they are!

I'll get you the tea now.

So, how do you like it?

Oh! Too sweet? I'm sorry, it was tasteless the last time, so I thought more sugar would do it.

-Lost my tastebuds as well

I'll get you another one. Oh, no. It's not a trouble at all.

You're sure? Oh, okay then.

So, you're here to see me? Why is that?

Oh. About that. Well, I don't do that anymore.

-You see how broken i am.

Find someone else. This is not my department anymore.

All those that I've been through, has done me alot damage.

Please have mercy.

-Would you wait for a while, i'll make you another tea, with less sugar.

No? Sure? It's not a problem at all.

-Just a little while.

Oh, ok. Take care then.

-i hate to see people go.

Be careful not to step on anything.

-ouch! That's my heart you just stomped on.

Oh, don't worry, this thing breaks all the time, I'll get it mend in a while. Thank you for visiting.

Yes, you too.



  1. icecream. mungkin boleh sekurang2nya ukir satu snyum pada wajah wpun segalanya dah tiada rasa.

  2. Oh thank you so very much :)


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