Sunday, July 25, 2010


Darl, am sorry I hv bn a selfish bitch these days. Thanks 4 bearing me. Love u much. btw, I tossed the last few ciggies into the thrash bin. I promise I won't smoke anymore. Nyte.

I dnt think ure selfish. at least not with me :-). Its the right decision to toss em away, im so happy :-D. go 2 bed nw, ily :-D

And that's the end of me and the red box and white lighter I've been buying.


  1. i've been thrown onto island last week. hahaa~

    kita geng. marlboro evo pack. red box but with red lighter.

    sinikal~ i hate cig for the very 1st step. skrg...

  2. bijan, we are not 'geng' anymore. i quit, see? hahaha!

    aku pro dude~ tak batuk. serius!

    tissue-talk, :) anybody needs motivation?


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