Sunday, July 25, 2010

Am a Mess

I felt empty. I did everything I could think of. I cleaned. I ate. I washed my face. I tried reading. And finally, dragged my first fag in two days.
Paranoia crept under every inch of my skin as I smoke in the students' washroom.

Flushed the stub down. I smelled my hair, in case the pungent smell would wake my room mates up. I double checked that I have locked the door. An as I lay on the bed, trying to sleep, since it's two in the morning - wait, that makes it 3 days smoking free-  I heard a line from some drama on TV.

"Solat Karina. Solat itu pengubat jiwa." or something similar.

Ah.. Guidance belongs to Allah, He gives it to whom he pleases. And it may come to you from whatever form. Even the one you never expect. And I closed my eyes to sleep.


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